Scenar Coolum

Scenar Coolum uses the SCENAR Technology:

In 1986 the offspring of a secret military Soviet project finally emerged into the public domain after nearly 20 years of development behind closed doors. One of the results of work created by a leading Russian Radio-Engineering Institute was a device which is beginning to alter dramatically the way healthcare is delivered in Russia. Russian scientists were asked to devise a way of treating health problems during space flights because, with all urine recycled as drinking water, taking drugs was out of the question. What they came up with was a scanning system that can detect and treat health problems by working the body’s energy systems. The Russians claim that the device has been 80% successful in treating cases of irritable bowel syndrome, back pain, arthritis, strokes, post-surgical complications, enlarged prostate, skin complaints, angina, poor circulation and allergies.

Originally developed for the Russian space program however it is now used in over 50 countries. The SCENAR Devices are hand held devices placed on the skin which stimulate the nerve-energy, these send out signals which stimulate the nervous pathways throughout the body. This in turn stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms and aids in restoring the nervous system’s ability to communicate with all the organ and tissues throughout the body – teaching the body to heal itself. This technology is non invasive and works directly and dynamically via bio-feedback.

The SCENAR device will be placed lightly against your skin until a tingling sensation is felt. The tingling sensation will not be painful and as changes occur your therapist will be listening for your input as well.

SCENAR (Self-Controlled-Energo-Neuro-Adaptive-Regulator) – Professional Device is  Listed as a  Therapeutic medical Device – TGA listed ARTG 101703

SCENAR therapy operate on two physiological principles:
1.      The body has its own healing capabilities, and
2.      Homeostasis, a process of self-regulation which maintains health.

The SCENAR assists in the treatment of:

  • Alleviating Pain
  • Pre and Post Surgery
  • Trauma
  • Muscular skeletal issues
  • Aids in restoring Physical Function and Use

Results vary due to Chronic or Acute conditions, medication and one’s age. SCENAR has a positive effect on many conditions, but it does not work in every case.

Scenar Coolum, promoting a Pain Free and Healthy Life.