What to Expect


At Coolum Therapy Clinic, treatments are designed specifically for you and your desired results, aiding in faster and longer lasting results. Our Coolum Therapy Clinic Therapists specialize in SCENAR Bio-Feedback Technology, Reflexology, Counselling and the NES Full Body Scanning System- each providing a powerful regeneration and healing solution. 

On Arrival

You will be greeted and shown to your Treatment room. At your initial consultation you will be required to complete a Client Information form and this information will then be discussed with your qualified Coolum Therapy Clinic (CTC) Therapist, to clarify all Presenting Conditions and any Pre-existing Conditions.

During your Consultation

Your treatment will then be explained, however if you are not clear as to which treatment you are requiring, then your CTC Therapist will discuss all modalities that are used at CTC; discussing their function, Use and Benefit.
During your treatment there will be a two way dialogue between you and your CTC Therapist about how you are feeling and what you body is indicating.


The CTC Therapist will explain your Recovery Process and will be open to answer any questions you may have following your treatment. Your CTC Therapist will work together with you to formulate the most appropriate treatment plan, suggesting any Lifestyle changes that may assist your recovery towards a Pain Free and Healthy life.

If a person enjoys relief after several treatments, but continues to repeat the same Actions and Lifestyle their condition may return. That is why we have taken a systemic approach to disease;

Treat the Whole Person not the Symptom.