Scenar for Beginners

Many professional and Home Scenar users become confused and overwhelmed with the What, Where, When, Why and How to use their Scenar device.

I wrote this book to clarify how to use your Scenar device in an easy and understandable way. I use diagrams and pictures to show the placement of pads and areas for protocols; plus directing you with Settings and Frequencies to use and length of time for treatments

It can appear overwhelming when faced with chronic conditions or an immediate accident; to know what to do and if your actions may exacerbate the issue can cause some anxiousness and hesitancy.

The answer is very simple. The moment you place your SCENAR device onto the body there is change, knowing What Settings to engage, Where to place pads or the device, Which protocols to implement and How to commence; this is what will speed the process up and give us information as to the next ongoing treatments. All these aspects combined give us the results for your personal body to change and recover.

I have in this book attempted to keep the information clear, precise and useable for all to benefit from.

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